Who are you?

It is a simple question that most of us never fully grasp the meaning of throughout our lives. When asked we create a person and fill in the details but never really answer the question. We give the answer a name, an occupation, information about family and friends, hobbies and things we like to do. We can even give information on experiences we have had and accomplishments we have achieved. In an attempt to satisfy the question further, we can even add negatives into the equation. Fears and misdeeds, failures and disasters, pain and suffering we have faced, but the question still remains unanswered.

It is the equivalent of pointing to a car and asking what it is. You can say it is a Ford or Toyota. You can even tell the exact model and year the car was made as well as the color and type of car it is. To go into more detail you can say it is made of steel, has four wheels, an engine, transmission and various other parts to create the whole. One could describe road trips that the car has made the miles that it has travelled and where it has been. You can add a purpose to the car, whether it is used to drive to work, deliver people or things or to simply drive to the beach every weekend.
You can add negatives like the brakes screech at every stop and the engine tends to burn oil too quickly. In any event you can talk in detail about the car and what it has gone through without ever answering the question with the answer ‘a car’.

So who are we really? Are we simple homo sapiens, just people all the same or are we individuals each completely different and unique in our own way. In that case, how can we answer that question of who we are?

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