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We all learned the Laws of Thermodynamics in school. The first law simply states that energy in a closed system energy cannot be created or destroyed but simply changed from one form to another. The second law states that entropy or entropies exist which will also sap some energy in the process of the conversion of energy from one form to another. To put it in simpler terms the first law states that anything on its own has a limited amount of energy, the only way to increase the energy is from an outside source. For example, your car has energy in the form of gasoline, diesel or in more modern cases the batteries. Once the car is driven to a certain point it will run out of energy or power unless it is refueled or plugged into an outside source.

The second law simply states that a perfect conversion from one form of energy to another is never 100% efficient and some loss is always present. We all learned these laws in school and for the majority of us we saw it as information to learn for an exam only to be forgotten. In the sense that we never thought about how it applies to our own daily lives much like the idea of mitosis. We learned about it in biology class and may even be able to explain what it is, but I’m sure that the average couple engaged in amorous activities will not have the idea of mitosis crossing their minds.

Entropy Definition

The idea that entropy, the march towards chaos and disorder exists is something that we don’t realize happens every single day in everything that we do. In any project or job that we undertake it will ultimately fall apart unless we give more energy into the project to keep things moving or even increasing.

A musician can release a hit song and it may see its time of fame on the radio and record sales and streams, but unless there is more effort or energy input into the system the song like many others will simply disappear from the market. So the musician makes an effort to make a video, go on tour and advertise in order to promote the song and make more sales. They are actively inputting more energy into the system to keep it viable and fight against entropy. More energy is put into the song in order to keep it popular or to revive it.

This principal can be applied to every aspect of our lives from our careers, hobbies and skills to even our relationships with other people. We can all recognize that without putting in more effort that things in time will degrade because of entropy.

In our relationships with others the more time, effort and energy we put into it the stronger the bonds becomes. Just like a chemical process between atoms and molecules where stronger bonds exist because of more energy the same exists with our relationships with others. If you want a better relationship simply input more energy into it and the bond will get stronger.

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